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Talleen offers technology solutions to enterprises across Industries. We are a global IT services company with the technical competence and the domain skills your organization helping you realize growth and profit with the right technology solutions. Our range of services includes:

Business Consultancy Services

Harnessing the power of SAP of is as much as an art and a science. Industry and domain understanding is imperative to craft elegant and receptive SAP solutions that add value to business. Talleen prides itself in its business consulting approach that brings together industry/domain expertise and a deep understanding and knowledge of the SAP solutions that have consistently delivered value to Talleen's customers.

Talleen provides you a well-rounded consultation that will help you align the proposed technology solution with your business needs. Our consultants possess the required expertise; experience and vision to help you successfully manage your business transformation with technology at the center. We offer Project Management Services, Business Intelligence Services, BPM and BPC services that are vertical-specific and tailored to your needs.

Project Management Services:

Our Project Management Services will help your organization manage its business processes better. Talleen uses SAP Business Workflow to design better business processes and ensure that all the processes function like clockwork. Our SAP Workflow solution involves designing, planning and implementing workflow solutions with goal of quality, reusability, reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and reduced time-to market. We offer three types of workflows depending on the business function. Pre-defined workflows are best suited to simple, collaborative business processes, SharePoint Designer workflows are well-suited for structured, sequential processes such as asset tracking, service requests etc., while Visual Studio workflows are ideal for complex, structured business processes that require code, such as purchase order processing and fulfillment. We can work on various workflow scenarios such as Leave Management, Time Management, Travel Management, Budget Monitoring, Sales Management, Purchasing, Planning and Recruitment management covering all the vital business processes of the organization.

Talleen’s Project Management strategy

  • Consultation with customers on project management solutions and develop processes using SAP workflow engine
  • Planning, Implementation, and Rollout of Project Management solution
  • Technical implementation of concepts including documentation
  • Programming (40-60% of time)
  • Thorough testing of developed solution
  • Quality control of functionality on customer system
  • Provide post go-live support
  • Provide knowledge transfer to customer on the solution being implemented

Our consultants have:

Extensive experience leading the design and implementation of project management solutions. They are well conversant with implementation of SAP workflow processes involving multiple tasks and custom business object types.
Experience with advanced workflow techniques like table-driven parallel processing, complicated role design/programming.
Excellent business process know-how and communication skills ensures
Ability to work well in a team environment and develop business partner relationships with clients.
We have implemented several scenarios of workflow management solutions for prestigious organisations across varied industry verticals.

Business Intelligence:

Our Business Intelligence solutions incorporate the best-in-breed planning, installation and configuration practices, so you get maximum value to your ERP solution. Most organizations today have data across different systems. Collating this data from disparate systems and making meaningful use of this information to aid in operational, tactical and strategic decision-making is a challenge that organizations are increasingly facing today. Successfully mining this data to aid decision-making is what will prove to be a differentiator for an organization and help in being nimble and agile to easily adapt to ever-changing business environment. Data warehousing, business intelligence and analytics solutions are therefore extremely important to help you stand out in the marketplace.
The Talleen Business Intelligence Competency Center is the culmination of our commitment and excellence in the area of Business Intelligence and Analytics. Our Competency Center allows you to leverage our BO competency in order to build strong business cases for BI and analytics, proofs-of-concept, and to collaborate with our experts to understand the solutions. Our competency center helps you maintain your BI/BO systems in a production environment.

Business Process Management:

Talleen provides end-to-end software and services solution to implement BPM software projects quickly and efficiently. The services are based on a set of modules, seamlessly integrated to provide your organization with necessary tools to model, automate, manage and optimize your key business processes.

Our services include:

  • Consulting: Application integration and BPM Consulting which helps prepare, evaluate and finalize an integrated business strategy
  • for your company.

  • Implementation: Our BPM services involve a SAP product set which has multiple frameworks and tools for workflow and business process
  • management capability such as SAP ABAP Workflow, SAP PI BPM, SAP CE BPM, SAP CE CAF, SAP MDM Workflow, SAP BW Process Chains and SAP Portal Ad Hoc Workflow. Talleen provides product positioning and recommendations for adopting each of these SAP Workflows and BPM products for implementing your organization’s workflow requirements.

  • SAP ABAP workflow is meant to streamline a business process that is completely contained within the SAP server. Typical usages are procurement
  • approvals,leave or travel approvals etc. where all the business data and business objects are within the SAP instance.

  • SAP PI BPM is used for cross-system integration and managing a higher level business process between disparate systems. A typical scenario is a Sales
  • Order acceptance process where several systems need to be consulted before accepting the order such as an inventory check, global ATP check etc.

  • SAP CE provides workflow capability at the User Interaction level where the user can see a sequence of screens to complete a business process.
  • SAP CAF was the workflow product to provide the BPM capability for implementing a UI centric business process.
  • SAP BPM is now replacing the SAP CAF product set to provide standards-based BPM capability. SAP BPM provides modeling and implementation
  • for a UI centric business process – Talleen helps develop the business process based on the BPMN notation supported by most mainstream BPM modeling tools.

  • SAP MDM workflow is a lightweight workflow capability within the SAP MDM product to allow the various processing steps for master data
  • management such as cleansing, reduplication, referential integrity and broadcast to other consumers. It is a workflow engine for exclusive use within the SAP MDM product set for fine-grained processing.

  • SAP BW Process chains are a workflow capability for sequencing data processing steps within SAP BW such as index management, PSA/ODS load,
  • cube load, statistics and aggregate creation.

  • SAP Portal provides a capability for creating a workflow on the fly – it is SAP Portal Ad Hoc workflow capability. This feature allows the portal
  • user to have better collaboration experience such as document proof reading and approval from other team members. Considering the richness of the SAP product suite, there will always be workflow capabilities that are best suited for the specific product set. Based on our experience, we recommend and implement the following products for workflow requirements:

  • SAP BPM for UI centric business processes
  • SAP PI BPM for cross-system business processes
  • SAP Workflow for workflows within the SAP instance
  • SAP SOA based interfaces is used for all interactions between SAP systems
  • Upgrade and re-engineering: Talleen’s range of upgrade and re-engineering services helps you migrate, improve or re-develop/implement
  • the existing BPM platform.

  • Support: Our IT support services helps maintain and continuously monitor the BPM environment application for smooth business operations.
  • Includes workflows for:
  • Travel Expense approvals, Capital Expenditure Review ,Asset Transfer and Retire, Vendor Payment Approval,Travel Expense Approval, Approval process
  • for purchase requisitions and purchase orders and many more.

  • Business Benefit:
  • Increase efficiency and productivity

Business Planning and Consolidation:

Talleen uses the SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC) tool for organization Business Planning and Consolidation. BPC is everything an organization needs to meet its financial and operational planning requirements, consolidation and reporting, all of which is now available through a single application and user interface. SAP BPC will help your organization achieve a unified process that will allow you to better plan, manage and improve performance. Better alignment of objectives, plans and tactics, improved decision-making and importantly, improved execution of organization objectives: these are some of the benefits of BPC.

Benefits of implementing SAP BPC:

Post SAP BPC implementation, our customers have realized the following benefits:

  • A faster month-end closing process
  • Improved access to critical business information
  • Reduced effort to produce information and reduced cycle times for budgeting / forecasting and consolidating actuals
  • Cost reductions, better cash management and less financial risk from improved processes and a better view of the future
  • Improved process control using system workflow and version controls

Talleen’s BPC solutions:

We offer a range of services focused on adding value to the client’s installation of SAP BPC. Talleen’s experience and expertise in SAP BPC helps us arrive at a solution that is optimized for performance and meets your business requirements. The various scenarios implemented include:

  • Sales Planning and Reporting
  • Human Capital Management
  • Cost Center Planning
  • Plant and machinery capacity planning
  • Business planning and consolidation of subsidiary companies

SAP BPC Services offered include:

  • Presales support including proof of concept demos
  • Application Architecture: Advise on the design of SAP BPC applications to suit customer requirements

Implementation Services include:

  • Installation and initial hardware set-up
  • Project Management
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Application design
  • Implementation consulting: development of processes ranging from consolidation, budgeting, forecasting and reporting to operational applications
  • Application development
  • Data migration
  • Performance tuning

Implementation Services

Talleen's SAP implementation services have been built on several successful end to end implementations across industries.  Over the last decade, as one of the SAP services partners, Talleen brings together rich implementation skills across the entire portfolio SAP solutions, Core SAP ERP, BI, SRM, CRM, SAP Portal etc.

SAP Netweaver Technology Platform:

The Talleen team addresses emerging industry demand for enterprise-level applications through the SAP Netweaver platform. Talleen has created a unique development, configuration and consulting team with expertise in Net Weaver technologies.
Many of SAP NetWeaver’s function run in the background, streamlining data processing and optimizing the integration of the individual modules. NetWeaver improves your experience as a user by enhancing the user interface and data quality.
SAP NetWeaver Portal ensures that different components and modules—SAP and non-SAP—can be accessed via a universal interface with just one log-in. Knowledge management is a tool for storing and, more importantly, finding your documents. With project forums and other collaborative tools such as Chat and Desktop Sharing, your staff and business partners can work efficiently together.

SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence generates assessments that you need to efficiently analyze and manage your business processes.
In many cases, it makes sense to integrate IT systems into the SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (PI). This leads to a dramatic reduction in development and maintenance costs for inter-application interfaces. This, together with our business process management (BPM) skills, enables the first-rate products based on superbly controlled and monitored processes.

SAP Solution Manager:

We offer standard SAP Solution Manager functionality which enables you to be connected with SAP's service and support infrastructure. SAP Solution Manager (Solman) is SAP’s unique application management solution that facilitates technical support for distributed systems. The Solman functionality provides support in solution deployment, operations and enables continuous improvement of processes and systems. Effective use of the Solution Manager increases the reliability of solutions and lowers the total cost of ownership.
We specialize in Solution Manager deployment. We offer seven different packages that are tailor-made to suit seven different business requirements, depending on what you need.

  • Solution Manager Installation and Basic Configuration with Maintenance Optimizer Setup.
  • Solution Manager - Project Management: The key benefits of utilizing solution manager for Project management are :
  • Reduces the total cost of ownership and accelerates the time to benefit
  • Improves efficiency of implementation and change management projects
  • Centralized management of multi-component projects
  • Central point of control for the entire solution landscape
  • Leverage existing IT investments

In Implementation projects the SAP Solution manager helps project teams organize and streamline the various implementation components thus enabling adherence to timelines and deliver effective implementation.


  • Central point of access and support of key implementation activities
  • Process-driven Blueprint, Configuration and Testing approach
  • Automated customizing synchronization across mySAP components
  • Standard scenarios provided through Business Process Repository
  • Central repository to store project documentation and issues
  • Project monitoring/reporting capabilities
  • Services aligned to assure GoLive and smooth operations of the customer solution
  • Solution Manager - Support Desk Configuration:

    This addresses the operational shortfalls of the current system by enabling Issue Tracking and Monitoring; Reporting of Issue Management; Escalation process for Issue Management; Improves the communication between Support Team, and End Users and also provides the capability to maintain a repository of the Issue Resolution through SAP Solution Databases.
  • Solution Manager - Change Request Management:

  • A critical feature of this module is the tool that helps manage and monitor all the changes in the SAP landscape. The challenges addressed here include:
      • Absence of a support desk
      • Tracking of change requests
      • Delay in the manual change request approval process
      • Role based activity execution
      • Decentralized change request management (SAP system, Groupware, Document Management System etc)

  • Solution Manager – Solution Monitoring:
  • Entire business processes can be monitored as a whole across multiple components like:

    Business Process Monitoring:

  • Real-time monitoring with a focus on the graphical display of business processes based on the Computer Center Management System (CCMS)
  • System Monitoring:

  • Central System Administration and Real-time monitoring based on the Computer Center Management System (CCMS)
  • Service Level Management:

  • Continuous monitoring based on SAP Early Watch Alert

    Solution Manager - Solution Optimization:

  • Basic Configuration of Solution Manager Diagnostics.
  • Solution Manager - SAP Background Jobs Monitoring for 10 to 50 Jobs running in 3 ABAP Systems

SAP Netweaver Portal:

Our portfolio of services for Portals include Portal impelmentation services, Portal Rapid Deployment and Portal Custom Development and Branding.

SAP Process Integration:

Talleen's SAP Process integration application SAP Process Integration (PI), formerly called Exchange Infrastructure (SAP XI), is SAP enterprise application integration (EAI) software, a component of the NetWeaver product group used for the exchange of information among a company's internal software and systems and those of external parties. Like other NetWeaver components, SAP PI is compatible with software products of other companies.
SAP PI  mediates between entities with varying requirements in terms of connectivity, format, and protocols.  PI reduces the TCO by providing a common repository for interfaces. The central component of SAP PI is the SAP Integration Server, which facilitates interaction between diverse operating systems and applications across internal and external networked computer systems.
First release of SAP Exchange Infrastructure was XI 2.0. Later on, releases 3.0 and 7.0 followed. From release 7.0 onwards, SAP Exchange Infrastructure has been renamed as SAP Process Integration (SAP PI).
Our PI team has gained experiences from joining PI/XI projects all over the world and knows about the latest PI functionality very well. Their know-hows include: understanding message flow in PI, how to implement a high volume PI scenario, how to convert an IDoc-XML structure to a flat file and vice versa, how to send any data through PI without using the integration repository, etc. We can process integration projects with various systems, both SAP and non-SAP.

Enterprise Application Services:

Our Enterprise Application Services portfolio assists organizations, such as yours, in your business transformation initiatives. Services that will help you align with your strategic business objectives, enhance productivity, reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and increase ROI. The focus is on leveraging our set of services using SAP technology to maximize the benefits our services extend to the organization: from intellectual capital to meeting regulatory requirements and to improving business relationships with clients. Our enterprise solution packaged applications include skilled resources and best-in-class technology for business process transformation.

Quality Assurance and Best Practices:

We have a skilled and dedicated quality assurance team to ensure that quality standards are followed in programming and documentation. We have well-defined technology and business processes in place that are defined and refined by our experts and are validated against industry best practices.

Business Benefits:

Organizations need a competent and reliable partner when it comes to outsourcing their development activities. We have proved our credentials as a reliable partner to its customers. Over the years, our clients have benefited from:

  • Certified SAP Accreditation of Talleen’s consultants
  • A robust team with deep SAP skills
  • Experienced project managers
  • Vertical specialization
  • Comprehensive Documentation

Our Implementation Services include Enterprise Resource Planning:

We understand the importance of balancing the quality of packaged SAP ERP solutions with the flexibility that SAP ERP implementation provides. Talleen has the necessary expertise to seamlessly integrate applications across disparate platforms and technologies. Our partnership with SAP has helped us build distinctive and functional competencies that can deliver unique competitive advantages to the customer’s enterprise. Talleen applies its vast experience managing large enterprise implementation projects to execute the projects in a systematic and orderly manner, enabling high quality, timely and efficient SAP implementation.  
We support customers across the entire range of the application life cycle, from package evaluation through implementation to post implementation support. Talleen implements ERP solutions for professional services and retail companies - end-to end. 

Our Other service offerings include the following:

  • Human Capital management
  • Finance and Controlling
  • Controlling
  • Treasury
  • Asset Management
  • Materials Management and Supplier management
  • Procurement Workflow
  • Vendor Collaboration
  • Custom Development
  • ERP Related Developments

SAP Support Services

Talleen recognises that SAP systems in companies are mission critical and form the lifeline for crucial business operations and decision making.  Talleen’s support services are built around the philosophy that the customer‘s SAP system is available always on demand.  The users get reliable and informative support as required.   Talleen’s support services are also aligned to proactively anticipate customer requirements so that the system can be intelligently and quickly tailored to meet the dynamic and ever changing business requirements.

Once an IT solution is in place, you need to continuously improve your IT solution landscape and optimize all your business-related processes for enhanced performance.  Our robust Support Services are offer support, continuous improvement of SAP solution-based landscapes and optimization of all business related processes. We can help you strengthen your competitive position by reducing cost of ownership while improving business performance. We have extended our services around SAP products and solutions to provide organizations such as yours, the ability to benefit from our profound SAP expertise and efficient delivery capabilities. Our expertise touches across verticals be it: manufacturing, retail, finance, IT and we deliver tailor-made solutions that fits your industry profile as well as your business requirement. We also offer an SLA based model that incorporates proven methodologies and best practices to enable continuous infrastructure support services at optimum costs.

SAP Basis:

Talleen offers SAP Basis Consulting and Support and Infrastructure services to our customers. Our SAP Basis Practice utilizes high quality and cost-effective consulting services. We provide client advisory services during system installations and implementations. The portfolio of Basis services includes project implementations, upgrades, migrations, support and expert consulting for major production system issues.

SAP Solution Manager:

We offer standard SAP Solution Manager functionality which enables you to be connected with SAP's service and support infrastructure. SAP Solution Manager (Solman) is SAP’s unique application management solution that facilitates technical support for distributed systems. The Solman functionality provides support in solution deployment, operations and enables continuous improvement of processes and systems.

SAP Hosting:

Our Hosting and Demo Center Services, available over the Internet, is designed to offer you a secure, reliable and compliant hosting of mission-critical SAP applications with the added benefit of using the hosting environment to conduct demos at short notice.

SAP Upgrades:

Talleen’s SAP ERP Upgrade brings together proven methodology and experience in upgrading to SAP ERP Enterprise Core Component – ECC 6.0. SAP upgrades begin with an appraisal of the landscape present in your organization. Reappraisal of the current landscape ensures that it is aligned with your organization’s strategic roadmap.

SAP Application Management Services:

Our SAP Application Management services are offered for support, continuous improvement of SAP solution-based landscapes and to optimize all business related processes. We work towards helping you strengthen your competitive position by reducing cost of ownership while improving business performance. Talleen’s AMS is the solution to support an organization in operating, optimizing and extending its application landscape.

SAP Roll-out and migration:

Global organizations with SAP as their business platform, when setting up operations in India, would require their SAP system to be extended to cover Indian operations. This calls for an in-depth understanding of Indian systems, particularly those relating to business practices relevant to India, their interface with global systems, local taxation requirements etc, implementing the system and leading the organization through change.

Talleen Offshore Support:

Our SAP development services enable you to tune your business processes to address the dynamic nature of business scenarios. Our team of experts understands the application requirements thoroughly, architect the solution, develop and test it before finally implementing it. Talleen relies on industry-standard software development practices and rigorously tests the applications to ensure defect-free delivery.

Talleen Resource Support:

Talleen understands a project requirement and the resources required for the successful implementation of the project. We evaluate the existing staff in your organization and determine the additional skill required for the implementation of the project ensuring optimum usage of skills and resources.

SAP solutions

At Talleen, we have developed solutions addressing the emerging industry demand for enterprise-level applications through the SAP NetWeaver platform. We are a SAP NetWeaver partner and have a full-fledged development, configuration and consulting team with the necessary expertise in NetWeaver technologies.

Our consultants will help you realize the full potential of this collaborative platform that provides a strong foundation for building business solutions across disparate systems. Our solutions help organizations such as yours find new growth from your enterprise systems and in driving significant incremental value from existing investments and applications.

We have profound expertise in developing solutions for the Banking, Retail and Utility Industries.

Our solutions portfolio comprises of:

SAP Finance:

The transformation of the finance function from scorekeeper to business enabler is an established fact. CFOs’ now look to their finance teams not only for reporting the closing results.  They expect a detailed analysis of past events, forecasting of future results and tolerate very little deviation from their planned figures.

In addition they also need to attend to regulatory requirements, investor expectations, and an increasingly competitive business environment .These complex and ever changing scenarios have forced the CFOs to re-evaluate the role of the finance function in their organizations.

Customer Relationship Management:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) brings together employees, partners, customers and technology to help companies grow revenue and achieve a competitive advantage. Talleen’s team of CRM experts provide, efficient and customized services to tailor the needs of its customers.

Human Capital Management:

Talleen helps you realize a complete SAP HCM system that helps align your organization HR function with the business goals of your organization. Such a system also helps enable flexible HR processes, reduces regulatory costs and compliance efforts, improves employee engagement and satisfaction and promotes better decision-making with respective to HR.

Project Management:

Talleen enables professional services firm’s improve their project management and collaboration capabilities with their cproject packaged solution. This solution is now an integral component of project management tool kit.


Our solutions for the Retail Industry are the right blend of SAP best practices and Talleen’s consultancy services. The pre-configured and flexible solutions are proven and help you survive in the highly competitive retail market space.


Talleen offers Utility companies an integrated, end-to-end solution for automation and optimization of their high-volume document processes, reducing operational costs by streamlining the generation, collation, sorting and distribution of customer bills. Using the mySAP Utilities solution, Talleen designs, builds and operates connected enterprise solutions to improve an organization.